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We’re so thrilled with our contributing authors and are happy to plug their books, blogs, other works, and websites. You can also learn more about the works of our podcast guests by listening to/reading episodes of the Spoonie Authors Podcast!

Artwork by Dominic of a spiralling staircase with streams of golden light. Standing at the ground floor is a busker playing guitar.

Dominic Bercier

Learn more about the writer-artist-designer behind Mirror Comics Studios, a boutique comic book and graphic novel production and publishing entity from Ottawa, Canada. Visit Dominic’s website, Mirror Comics Studio, and the Signal Saga comic book.

Book cover of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks. A force (depicted in red) pulls a teenager through a locker room area into the unknown.

Nathan Burgoine

Learn more about the short queer fiction and novels of this Prix Aurora Award finalist and Lambda Literary Award finalist on his website.

H.E. Casson

H.E. has contributed to The Twofer Compendum and Flash Nonfiction Food: 91 Very Delicious, Very True, Very Short Stories. Learn more about their written works, podcasts, and more on their website.

Cover of Nothing Without Us. A russet and beige wall with faded paint has the words Nothing Without US spray-painted boldly in black.

Carolyn Charron

Learn more about this author of short fiction (with a novel in the making) by following Carolyn on her Goodreads author page!

Book cover for the Night Hunters. A dark sky with a full moon glowing through the clouds.

Ariane Delorme

Learn more about this author of The Night Hunters series by following Ariane on Wattpad and her Facebook page.

Book cover for The Sign of Faust: Deep orange background with almos clip-art designs od music and beakers. A cameo silhouette of a girl wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat.

Éric Desmarais

Learn more about the Baker City Mystery YA series and the other fantasy books of this Prix Aurora Award finalist on his website!

Box cover for Blush: a softened orange blush colour with the word Blush in a script font in the centre.

Jen Desmarais

Learn more about the creator of the sex education game, Blush, and follow her Prix Aurora Award nominated fan site, The Travelling TARDIS.

Book cover: A colourful character of Robin Elizabeth. Text reads: Confessions of a Mad Mooer, Postnatal Depression Sucks, Robin Elizabeth

Robin Elizabeth

Learn more about the author of the hilarious and moving Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Postnatal Depression Sucks. Her author pages shows where you can buy all of her works.

A Twi-lek Jedi character. Text reads: Interlude: Seeking Answers

Fibro Jedi

Learn more about Martin, also known as Fibro Jedi, who is a gamer and writer. Read samples of his Star Wars: The Old Republic fan fiction, Survival of the Sithest.

Book cover of Helix: Sedition by Pat Flewwelling. A dark being with glowing red eyes raises a hand. In the background loom many tentacles.

Pat Flewwelling

Learn more about this multi-genre author and fan of speculative fiction by following Pat’s Amazon and Goodreads pages!

Book cover for The Sixth Baye: Woman sits in a dark room by an open window that displays a verdant garden.

Susan Franzblau

Learn more about this author and hypnotherapist who writes fantasy, science fiction, and romance. You can browse Susan’s books on her Amazon author page!

Some assembly required, Volume 1: Green background. Three figures lie on the carpet—a brunette man with fawn-toned skin, a white woman with ginger hair, and a white man with chestnut brown hair.

Nathan Caro Fréchette

Learn more about this author and sequential artist. You can find Nathan’s books on his Amazon Author page, and his comic series is on Tapastic. He is also the publishing director of Presses Renaissance Press!

The Stealth Lovers book cover: Two Draga warriors (one with coral scales and the other with mauve scales) are dressed in flight suits, standing on a snowy mountaintop,under an aurora-filled sky, about to engage in a kiss. Overhead flies a stealth ship.

Cait Gordon

Learn more about Cait’s space opera novels, short stories, and flash fiction on her author website. She is also the co-editor of the Nothing Without Us anthology.

Higher Maintenance Cover: Sky-blue background. A woman stands on a path through a mountain range on a clear day.

Marianne Granger

Learn more about the author of Higher Maintenance, Marianne’s book about how to “tame the dragon” that is chronic illness. Visit her website

Book cover for Branding for Fiction Authors. Aqua background. A young woman with ginger hair and bright red chic glasses holds cash in her hands while smiling and looking up. Her left index finger is pointed upward, signalling she's in agreement with this method, or she's having an AH-HA moment.

Dianna Gunn

Learn more about Dianna’s fantasy fiction and her SEO/business branding books at her Linktree page.

Book cover for Carefree and Consequences: A man and a woman in an orange silhouette hold each other close while pressing foreheads.

Rachel Jeffery

Learn more about Rachel Jeffery (writing as Rachel Marie) on her website, which also includes links to her published works and blogs about her disability.

Cover of Nothing Without Us. A russet and beige wall with faded paint has the words Nothing Without US spray-painted boldly in black.

Kohenet Talia C. Johnson

Learn more about this speaker, educator, workshop facilitator, and ordained priestess on her website. Talia is also the co-editor of the Nothing Without Us anthology and Chair of the Board of Heartspark Press.

Book cover of A Congress of Ships, by Stephen Graham King. Black background with many silver-hulled ships flying together across the page.

Stephen Graham King

Learn more about this space opera author of Chasing Cold and The Maverick Heart Cycle series (and more!) on his website.

Book cover: Purple sky with black silhouette of bare trees and two fairies whispering

Derek Newman-Stille

Learn more about this nine-time Prix Aurora Award winner of Speculating Canada. Derek edited the We Shall Be Monsters and Over the Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales from the Margins anthologies. They also recently collaborated with Nathan Caro Fréchette for Whispers Between Fairies, a queer retelling of fairy tales! Derek’s books are available on Kobo, Apple Bookstore, and Amazon!

Book cover image description: Drawing of a beautiful woman with long hair, wearing a form-fitting dark strapless dress and light high heels. She is adjusting an earring as she looks down. A silhouette of the Toronto landscape is faintly made out within a smokey cloud of purples and oranges.

Christina Robins

Learn more about this romance author by following her Facebook author page and her Amazon author profile!

ID: Book cover—A woman holding a cane peers around a corner, looking suspiciously at what's ahead.

Madona Skaff

Learn more about this crime and science fiction author on her website. (Madona’s works often have great disability representation!)

Book cover for Saving the Date: A man all in black stands behind another in a suit and tie. The Canadian parliament buildings can be seen toward the bottom of the image.

Angela S. Stone

Learn more the collections of books by Canadian romance author Angela S. Stone on her website!

Book cover: Miss Vee and the Lecherous Lawyer, by Delilah Knight. A woman with grey hair and glasses, wearing a purple and black dress stands in front of a green shed that's beside a russet farm house.

Laurie Stewart

Laurie Stewart is writing as Delilah Knight for her Miss Vee cozy mystery series. You can find Miss Vee and the Lecherous Lawyer on Kobo and Apple Bookstore. (Laurie also has a short story in the Nothing Without Us anthology!)

Jamieson Wolf

Learn more about this award-winning, number one bestselling author of over sixty books, including his memoir, Little Yellow Magnet. Jamieson also blogs about having Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy called Two Steps at a Time. You can find out where to buy his works on his website

Amy M. Young

Learn more about this author of rock fiction. Visit Amy’s website for updates and where to buy her work.

Book cover: A white background features three rows of two peaches each, and one of each pair is cut in half, revealing the pit.

Nicole Zelniker

Learn more about this author, where to buy her books, and the podcast she produces by visiting her website!