Here are some cool events coming up in 2023!

Event advert with the three rocket ship logo for the Spoonie Authors Network Re/Launchpad. Text lists the authors and their books. All six book covers are also included in the advert.

Sunday January 15, 2023 at 2:30pm EST: Spoonie Authors Network [Re]Launchpad Virtual Book Launch

Register through Eventbrite as of December 1, 2022! Tickets are limited!

We’re so thrilled to be piloting this new initiative in January, where we will offer a virtual space for disabled creatives to launch or relaunch their works! Our goal is to feature only small press or indie authors because there are so many great books that deserve a boost.

Many thanks to our sponsor, Renaissance, for providing the Zoom space for this event!

Our host is  Cait Gordon, Canadian SFF author, anthology editor, and founder of the Spoonie Authors Network. And our amazing authors are:

Tangela Williams-Spann, author of Sad, Black, and Fat: Musings from the Intersection—This book delves into the experiences of a young woman trying to navigate life’s twists and turns. She often finds herself standing on the corner between one identity and the other trying to decide which road to take. This collection of poems and essays are a reflection of the joys and sorrows of traversing through the intersections of life.

Jamieson Wolf, author of Little Yellow Magnet—Life can change in an instant. Jamieson learns this the hard way. Waking one morning to find he has little-to-no motor control, Jamieson only wants the world to return to how it had been before. After a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, he thinks his life is over. What he doesn’t know is that it’s only just begun. Trying to navigate through the world in a body he no longer understands, Jamieson must travel through the dark forest of depression while waging a constant battle against himself. Over time, he learns what he’s truly capable of, and what it actually means to be courageous. Follow Jamieson as he loses himself…then discovers who he is really meant to be.

Nicole Zelniker, author of Letters I’ll Never Send—Protagonist Sadie Goldman still isn’t sure if she’s ready to confront her demons after eight months in a psych hospital following a suicide attempt. Her close friend Kim is undergoing chemotherapy, her mother is back in her life, and her five-year-old daughter isn’t entirely sure how to react to Sadie coming home. Sadie has to find the strength to deal with the ups and downs of her regular life, aided in part by her wife, friends, and therapist.

Stephen Graham King, author of Ghost Light Burn—As the Gate Project expands, building stable, artificial wormholes in orbit around ever more worlds in the Pan Galactum, its hunger for construction materials grows exponentially. But the discovery of the dead binary planets, Sound and Fury, may finally sate the project’s hunger ten times over. In the shadow of massive, shattered Fury comes an interstellar travelling theatre, bringing with it an old friend of the Maverick Heart crew. One with a nose for trouble who soon discovers a conspiracy of embezzlement, greed, and corporate apathy too deep to investigate alone. When Ember receives the call for help, it is a mystery too enticing for him, Keene, Lexa-Blue, and Vrick to pass up. One that will take all their skills to unravel before time runs out and the whole system burns.

Dianna Gunn, author of Moonshadow’s Guardian—All Riana has ever wanted is freedom. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing her kind cannot have. Bound by the curse in her demonic blood for millennia, Riana has tried several times to bend the rules and live out her life in the mortal realm. Now her consistent rule breaking has drawn the attention of Loki, God of Mischief, the main tormentor of Riana’s kind. But instead of punishing her, he offers her the escape she has always desired. All she has to do to is save the kingdom of Moonshadow from a mysterious magical plague. Armed only with the inherent power of her own blood and Loki’s pet dragon, Riana is determined to fight for the right to create her own destiny. However, when her mission forces her to destroy the last remnants of an ancient culture, Riana must ask – what is freedom really worth? Moonshadow’s Guardian is a dark fantasy novel about the meaning of belonging, and the struggle to create a future not defined by your past.

Diana Pomeroy, author of Iara’s Crossing—Avians—feathered maniraptoran dinosaurs—long considered the ammonite a symbol of longevity and prosperity. But there was more to these fossils than they realized—the ammoite was imbued with ancient magic that only Warriorfeathers could wield. When the Oasis, the main hub of all avian kind west of the inland sea, is threatened by distant volcanoes and the presence of tyrants, Warriorfeathers from every enclave are summoned. Iara is tasked with this fate, and must undertake a peilous journey. Will she survive and ascend as the next leader of the Oasis?