Accessibility Consultants

Here are some folks who advise on various types of accessibility. We do not post their rates. Please contact them for more information about their services.

Do you have an accessibility consultant who you highly recommend? Contact us about them! We prefer adding those who have lived experience with requiring accommodation and accessibility. Intersectionality with gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation is most welcome! Please note: We are not a consulting/hiring agency. This is merely a list of people who provide a service.

Tip! We’ve added spaces within the email addresses. You will have to remove the spaces when you contact the consultant through email.


Area of accessibility

Contact info

Dorothy Ellen Palmer

Advises on wheelchair accessibility.

Email: dep230 @ yahoo .com

Talia C. Johnson

Advises on sensory accessibility.

Robert Kingett

Advises on blind and visually impaired accessibility. Expertise in using screen readers. Also does accessibility and useability testing.

Karl Knights

Advises on d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing accessibility (captions, access copies).

karlknights96 @ gmail .com

Amanda Leduc

Advises on live captioning, mobility accessibility, and how to build inclusive events.