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Much excite! Featuring: Nicole Zelniker

Editor’s note: We’re starting a new initiative where we post short videos about what awesome things are happening to Spoonie creatives these days. These videos will be available on our YouTube channel and our new Instagram account!

Today we get to find out what’s so exciting for American author and editor-in-chief of Knee Brace Press, Nicole Zelniker!!

There are closed captions available for this video.

Nicole is a woman with long dark brown hair, medium-tan skin, and she’s wearing a dusty rose T-shirt with three flowers on it. She is looking away from the camera and smiling.

Nicole Zelniker (she/they) is a writer, activist, and editor-in-chief of Knee Brace Press. Nicole is also the author of Mixed, a non-fiction book about race and mixed-race families; Last Dance, a collection of short stories; Letters I’ll Never Send, and Until the Fall, which was a finalist for the Forward Indie awards in LGBTQ+ adult fiction. “Dress Rehearsal”, another short fiction piece, appears in the award-nominated Nothing Without Us anthology. You can check out the rest of Nicole’s work at and follow her on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Medium.

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