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Much excite! Featuring: Jamieson Wolf

Editor’s note: We’re starting a new initiative where we post short videos about what awesome things are happening to Spoonie creatives these days. These videos will be available on our YouTube channel and our new Instagram account!

Yay! Our first episode of Much excite! is up. Today we get to find out what’s so exciting for Canadian award-winning author, bestselling poet, and talented painter: Jamieson Wolf!

There are closed captions available for this video.

Jamieson is laughing while his grey and white cat Anakin is sniffing his face. Jamieson is wearing a yellow polo top and is a white man with a bald head, glasses, and diamond earring.

Jamieson Wolf is an award-winning, number one bestselling author of over sixty books and writer of Two Steps at a Timea blog about having multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. In 2019, he released his gripping memoir, Little Yellow Magnet, followed by the award-winning Love and Lemonade (the third book in the Lemonade Series), and his short story, The Descent, appears in the Prix Aurora Award nominated Nothing Without Us anthology. His other novels include Beyond the Stone and Queen of Swords.

He is an accomplished artist who works in mixed media, charcoal, pastels, and oil paints.

Jamieson currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his husband Michael and their cat Anakin. You can read more about Jamieson on his website or his blog, and can connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.

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