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From the Editor in Chief: Why the Spoonie Authors Network is still on the Twitters

Because of That Person with the Sink, there was a huge exodus from Twitter over the course of 2022. And, yeah, I totally understand that. I’d also quickly created other author accounts on social media in case the birdsite burst into microns.

But when a lot of people left last year—and believe me, I have zero judgment about them going because we have to take care of our mental health in the way that’s best for us—I noticed a theme on my Twitter timeline. Disabled folks who were panicked or upset because it had taken them years to build community, and they had found solidarity in reaching out to people who shared their lived experiences on that platform. So many of them had regarded it as their lifeline. They found it accessible. They weren’t sure what was best to do next. I got invited into a Twitter community group where we could find each other and continue interacting.

And this is when I really got pissed off. How dare Sink-Carrying Guy do this to us? Especially at this time in history when a global pandemic has left our existences and supports even more disregarded?

I was like, “Yeah, no. I’m not budging.”

So, my stance has been to stay on Twitter as long as possible, until it’s no longer feasible, and I made that decision for the Spoonie Authors Network account as well. We’re still hosting #SpoonieAuthChat there every Sunday at 1pm EST too, if you’d like to join us. We always welcome new writers to chat with us!

In the meantime, I have created a Tumblr account, an Instagram account, and we’re setting up a Discord channel, just in case.

And if you’re not a social media person, then please consider following this blog. I’m still managing health issues, as a Spoonie myself, but I hope we can bring you more articles and useful writery information this year!

Also, in case you missed it, this Sunday, January 15 at 2:30pm EST is the first-ever Spoonie Authors Network [Re]Launchpad event! Six Spoonie authors reading books! And there will be giveaways too! Learn more here how to register for it!

Thanks as always for following our little network. I wish you ample spoons as we all figured out how to navigate the year.


Close-up of the author, a white woman with short silver hair and teal metal rimmed glasses. She is wearing a blue and black plaid shirt and staring at the camera

Cait Gordon is an autistic, disabled, and queer Canadian writer of speculative fiction that celebrates diversity. She is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, The Stealth Lovers, and Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space (2023). Her short stories appear in Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland, We Shall Be Monsters, Space Opera Libretti, and Stargazers: Microtales from the Cosmos. Cait also founded The Spoonie Authors Network and joined Talia C. Johnson to co-edit the Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too anthologies, whose authors and protagonists are disabled, d/Deaf, Blind or visually impaired, neurodivergent, Spoonie, and/or they manage mental illness.

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