Featured Author

Featured Author: Jaecyn Boné

ID: Author image of Jaecyn Boné, an Asian person with bobbed grey and black hair. They are wearing metal rimmed glasses, dark lipstick, dangling earrings, a sleeveless blue swirly dress, black tights, and black boots. They are smiling in this photo while standing in akimbo on a street.

Jaecyn Boné is a disabled, queer, Asian American writer, and artist. Their days are filled with daydreams of a magical place called The Fearth, where mermaids, fairies, and pirates abound. They live in Billings, Montana, USA, with their spouse, two-year-old, and newborn baby and maybe a ghost or two.

You can learn more about Jaecyn on their episode of the Spoonie Authors Podcast, The Writing Process, Editing a Short Story Magazine and more with Jaecyn Boné.

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