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Featured SpAN Author: Christina Robins

Headshot: Christina Robins
Christina Robins

Christina Robins lives in Yellowknife, NWT, in the sub-arctic with her chef husband and five rescue cats. Her writing is about women who don’t always follow the rules society has set out. Christina wants her writing to encourage conversations about love, life, and how women survive in a world that bases their self-worth on whether they have a partner or kids, or if they fit into the narrow definition of what it means to be a woman. She is a champion of LGBTQA2S rights and Black Lives Matter movements, and believes in reconciliation for the Indigenous population and the Land Back movement. She has been a practicing witch and a tarot card reader for over 25 years. Her novella, Entanglements, has just been released and is now available on Amazon.

You can find Christina on Twitter and Instagram, and she has a Facebook writer’s page where she throws down flash fictions and other odd thoughts that come into her mind, and speaks about her own writing experiences.

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