SpAN contributors whose works are up for the 2020 Prix Aurora Award!

ID: Aurora Nominee logo. A silver rectangular shape with a jagged sloped top. A bright red maple leaf is in the center of the logo. Text reads: Aurora Nominee.

The Prix Aurora Awards are part of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA). Each year, members can vote for their favourite works and/or creatives in several categories. Right now, members can download all the nominated works (membership is $10 a year). How awesome is that? If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you can even join now. The voting window is from June 20–July 25, 2020 (11:59PM EDT) Learn more at the CSFFA website about becoming a member.

Several of our Spoonie Authors Network contributors have works on the ballot this year, which you can find on the CSFFA website or in Locus magazine:

  • Nothing Without Us (Eds. Cait Gordon and Talia C. Johnson) is nominated in the Best Related Works category.
  • Nathan Fréchette is nominated in the Best Artist category for Renaissance book covers.
  • The Travelling TARDIS (Jen Desmarais) is nominated in the Best Fan Writing and Publications category.
  • Speculating Canada (Derek Newman-Stille) is nominated in the Best Fan Related Work category.

The 2020 Prix Aurora Awards will be announced on August 15, 2020. We’ll update you with further details about when and how they’ll be announced.

This is really exciting stuff, and we at the Spoonie Authors Network send our congratulations not only to our fellow contributors but also to every nominee on the ballot. Way to go, everyone!

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The Spoonie Authors Network is made up of creatives who also deal with chronic illness and/or disability. We’re here to educate and encourage, share laughter, tears, and our love of words. Please contact us if you’d like to be a guest blogger!

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