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Spoonie Art Gallery: Cait Gordon

Editor’s note: This the last post in our series is about SpAN contributors showcasing the art they do apart from writing, and what it means to them

“I used to turn my nose up at cosplay. I really just didn’t get it at all. Then I discovered how much artistry goes into creating the costumes, how much love one has for the fandom that inspired, and I became one of the Enlightened.”

Cait Gordon

Featured Pieces: Cait’s Cosplays

Back in 2015, a had a few friends who wanted to dress up as characters from Doctor Who for an upcoming con. I did not want to do this, so I said with full cheekiness, “I’m not going unless I can be a fashionista dalek!” My friends were like, “Okay, great!” Oops. That was not the response I expected, but I’d committed myself. Gulp.

Welp, fine, I’d be a red dalek. Who was a fashionista. I grabbed a red dress, bought a red construction helmet, cut styrofoam balls in half and painted them, and did all the things I needed to do to try to make this happen!

ID: Silver dalek hemispheres.
The dollar store and my Cricut were my friends! I cut out black circles on cardstock, then glued my silver-painted styrofoam hemispheres on top!
ID: Plunger with a black handle (rhinestones of course) and red mesh fabric coming out of the handle. The base is painted in silver.
Fashionista daleks like to feel pretty.
ID: Bright red construction helmet, made to look like a dalek helmet.
It’s amazing what you can do with pill bottles, a sabotaged flashlight and a whole lot of glue gun magic!

Then, with sweat and prayers, I put the entire thing together. And you know what? I had a blast and never looked back!

ID: Me, in a TARDIS, dressed as a red fashionista dalke. My husband is dressed like the Silence.
I’m alone in the photo, right?

Fun note: I met my publisher while dressed in that cosplay. And now I cosplay with Nathan Fréchette from Renaissance all the time!

Other fun moments:

ID: I'm dressed as Hannah from Rat Queens. Black wig with two large buns on the top of my head while the rest drapes on my shoulders. Elf ears, too. Red bolero, pink bra with gold swirly designs, black belt with golden Rat Queen logo, red skirt with golden swirly designs on the hem.
Hannah from Rat Queens: I liked this sweary elf wizard.
ID: Me, dressed in my General Leia costume, holding the famous crocheted Travelling TARDIS!
Photo credit: Jen Desmarais. My General Leia even got into the Prix Aurora Award nominated Travelling TARDIS website!

I don’t have a craft website, but would always appreciate it if you follow my author website to browse my full catalogue of published works. Thanks!

Cait Gordon, Editor in chief of the Spoonie Authors Network

Cait Gordon is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Spoonie Authors Network and is author of Life in the ’Cosm and The Stealth Lovers. Her short stories appear in Alice Unbound Beyond WonderlandWe Shall Be Monsters, and Space Opera Libretti. Teaming up with sensitivity editor Kohenet Talia C. Johnson, Cait is co-editor of the 2020 Prix Aurora Award nominated Nothing Without Us anthologya collection of short stories that feature protagonists who identify as disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or who manage mental illness. You can follow Cait on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. She also has an author website, and if you need editing services, visit her biz, Dynamic Canvas Inc.

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