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Spoonie Art Gallery: Dominic Bercier

Editor’s note: This series is about our contributors showcasing the art they do apart from writing, and what it means to themEach week we’ll feature a new artist!

“May I present my kids? They’re comic books and some prose: SIGNAL Saga, The Ballad of Jimmy and Rose, and The Hope Book {an Antidote to Despair}, who are all good kids. La Ballade de Jimmy et Rose wants me to tell you that she’s almost ready for my big français comeback!

Dominic Bercier

Featured Pieces: Dominic’s Comics

SIGNAL Saga is my oldest, almost as old as me, and we have gone through many transformations together as I searched for my epic in the stars, at art school, in abandoned projects, and in my thousands of sketches and concept pieces. 

ID: Dominic Bercier's #1 Volume 1 cover of SIGNAL SAGA. A lone man walks with hands in his pockets, a frown upon his face. The drawing is inked in black and coloured in shades of grassy greens.

He’s complex, though he humbly conforms to the young adult hero’s journey sci-fi meets fantasy meets superhero comic book thing! SIGNAL is a lot of things, and yet there’s nothing quite like him. It’s about the idea that everything we think and do and feel… matters. Much of it is drawn and scripted ahead. 

SIGNAL Saga #1 is out “nowishly.” Seek it here!  It’s going to be awesome! 

The Hope Book has also been with me for years—look for it coming soon! I’ve seen darkness, true despair in my life, but my art kept me alive, and I’ve written about the lessons of my dark night of the soul. It’s serious. It’s about survival, self-respect, empathy, and the emotional and spiritual dimensions of life. I share my tricks and my maps. I have no special authority except that I’ve spoken with the Abyss, and we both had a terribly good chat, and I lived to tell the tale

ID: Black and white graphic of a arched human figure with butterfly wings.

Mainly I want to keep people, who are at the end of their rope, alive! 

Hope wants to meet and comfort the anguished people around the world right now

The youngest are twins, The Ballad of Jimmy and Rose + La Ballade de Jimmy et Rose, and they’re chromatic explosions over a bold mix of cartoonist’s realism, if you will, probably in C minor. “She’s an Empath. He’s a Jerk. Can they ever make it work?” 

ID: Book cover of The Ballad of Jimmy & Rose. A blonde boy dressed in a blue and yellow tunic over beige trousers is also sporting a vivid orange and yellow cloak. Around his neck in an amulet. He stands under a purple and black moonlit sky, and it lightning sparks behind him.

Oh. And Ballad/e was drawn and scripted in less than 24 hours! 

To learn more about Dominic’s comics, what’s coming soon, and where to purchase current releases, visit , , and .

ID: Sketch of Dominic Bercier, done by the artist himself!
Dominic Bercier

Classically-trained artist Dominic Bercier is the writer-artist-designer behind Mirror Comics Studios, a boutique comic book and graphic novel production and publishing entity from Ottawa, Canada. He produces stories of young heroes losing, longing, striving for and restoring the things they’ve lost, be they love, lives or souls, plunging characters into emotionally charged magical initiations that test their wits and their hearts. You can follow @DominicBercier@mirrorcomics and @SIGNALsaga on Twitter or visit, and

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