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Spoonie Art Gallery: Jen Desmarais

Editor’s note: This series is about our contributors showcasing the art they do apart from writing, and what it means to themEach week we’ll feature a new artist!

“I love the new crocheted pocket scarves I’ve been making. There is so much flexibility in terms of creativity and pattern, and it’s allowing me to flex my stitch skills, because I’ve decided to make each scarf a completely different stitch!”

Jen Desmarais

Featured Pieces: Three Crocheted Fandom Pocket Scarves

I initially started making these at the beginning of February for Geek Market (which was supposed to take place at end of March 2020). And then the pandemic hit, and I had no convention to sell these at! But I kept making them anyway because ideas kept popping into my head.

ID: A crocheted pocket scarf that resembles the Magic School Bus. The scarf looks like a long bus with many windows and the pocket is the front of the bus.
Magic School Bus
ID: Nyan cat crocheted pocket scarf. The pocket is the pink cloud with the grey cat face and the scarf is a long wavy rainbow.
Nyan Cat
ID: Crocheted pocket scarf with the pocket being a gameboy and the scarf showing Tetris shapes.
Gameboy with Tetris

I love crocheting because it’s something that I know I’m good at. I love making new patterns and posting them online and getting positive comments from people. Also, my kids love to watch me!

If you’d like to see more designs and find out how to purchase them, please visit JenEric Designs at

A consummate student, Jen Desmarais has three degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. Following her passion for travel, she also completed her diploma in Tourism and Travel at Algonquin College. She works for Orleans Travel and Cruise Centre in Ottawa, and loves helping clients design trips with a geeky/nerdy theme.

Co-founder of JenEric Designs, she creates unique geeky crocheted items and writes bi-weekly articles on sexuality and bi-weekly articles on Fandom Travel. Her blog, The Travelling TARDIS, was nominated for the 2018 Prix Aurora Awards.

Jen has written one short story that won a contest in 2016. You can read it here.

She lives in Ottawa with her husband and their library of over 3000 books. They have a daughter (Sept 2016) and a son (June 2019).

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