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A Message from the Editor About the COVID-19 Pandemic

CW: mentions of eugenics and ableism

Warm greetings from your friendly neighbourhood SpAN editor! I just wanted to say I’m aware that many of us Spoonies are feeling tense right now because of the pandemic. I definitely am. But the Spoonie Authors Network is a forum of caring and community, and we want it to continue to be a safe space.

To everyone who has the means, please do what you can to #FlattenTheCurve. Disabled, chronically ill, and/or immunocompromised people are exposed to messages almost daily about how COVID-19 won’t seriously harm anyone but us. I’ve also seen other eugenic-type messages against us. This mindset is supremely hurtful.

We need everyone to make wise decisions, not only protect yourselves, but also to protect those who might have a much greater health risk if they contract COVID-19.

My sincerest wish is for you all to take care of yourselves. And while it’s important to stay aware and prepare, consider allowing yourselves mental breaks for distraction, such as reading or listening to a book, or a funny show. These things are also an important part of self-care. We need to relax our brains, too.

Also, to people with financial privilege: Don’t buy out the shops! This behaviour will prevent people with lower incomes from getting the supplies they need. Exercise wisdom while thinking of others.

And for pity’s sake, wash your hands!

Thanks for reading/listening. Sending love out to everyone.

Cait Gordon, Editor in chief

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