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Featured SpAN Author: Nathan Caro Fréchette

Nathan Caro Fréchette

Nathan Caro Fréchette is originally from Montreal, but has been living in the Ottawa/Gatineau region since 2004. He is a sequential artist, author, and director of Renaissance, a multi-genre Canadian small press. As an author, Nathan has published several short stories, both sequential and traditional, as well as two graphic novels, five novels, and one non-fiction book on writing. He was the editor and director for the French Canadian literary magazine Histoires à boire debout, and works at the Ottawa Public Library. He has been teaching creative writing since 2005.

Nathan Caro is a stellar author and sequential artist. You can find his books on his Amazon Author page and the Renaissance website. His comic series is on Tapastic!

Image for Some Assembly Required. A brunette man is putting together a greyed puzzle that is the image of another man.
SpAN editor Cait Gordon says this is a must-read!
Cover image for Blood Relations: A sketch in grayscale with a man with a ponytail sits in a car, holding out a hand that has a huge flame in its palm.
Nathan Caro’s books are available on Amazon and the Renaissance Website. Read the Family by Choice books, and more!

You can learn more about him on their website, and can follow him on Facebook,  Twitter, and Goodreads.

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