internalized ableism

Internalized Ableism: A New SpAN Series

Image description: A mauve background displays dark grey text that reads: spoonie authors network presents internalized ableism: a series. Coming February 2020.

I am delighted to announce that we’ll have a new series starting on February 9, 2020 called internalized abelism. Several of our past contributors (and some new ones) will share with us how they’ve wrestled with their own ableism—which they might have also used against themselves—and how these attitudes have affected their lives.

It’s really important that we discuss this issue, because ingesting ableist narratives changes how we perceive ourselves and others. Internalized ableism is so commonplace, and I feel that by sharing our stories, we might help one another to get to a place of pride in who we are.

I cannot wait to see how we’ll learn from each other over the next few weeks. Thank you to all our contributors who will be participating in this series.

Sincerely, your friendly SpAN editor.

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