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Super Trooper

My name is Ariane. I always loved writing in elementary and high school. The other students groaned whenever a writing project was introduced, but I always liked them. I also loved music when growing up. 

When I was ten, just starting fifth grade, I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. It was called papillary brain tumor of the pineal region. I had to have three surgeries, a lumbar puncture, and thirty treatments of radiation to treat it. We decided to give the tumor a nickname to make it less daunting. So, my family and I called it a badguy. After waking from my third surgery, I started singing DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love by Usher. The doctors were speechless because it had been an eight-hour procedure. But my family was relieved and actually laughing at how I was awake and singing. People would call me Ariane the Singing Girl and The Super Trooper. I even wrote a song called Bye Bye Badguy. This is not at all a coincidence; I always have songs in my head.

In the three years that followed, I went back to school in the town we moved in. I kept my passion close by continuing to write songs to help people. But one of the side effects that came with the brain tumor and surgeries is that my short-term memory is very bad. Plus, I am over sensitive with stress. The teachers didn’t quite understand that sometimes I needed a bit of extra help. After I finished my eighth grade, my parents suggested homeschooling. They told me I wouldn’t need to rush with any school work and that I could go at my own pace. I said sure. Let’s give that a try. 

So, I was homeschooled for my last four years of high school, since my parents believed I could be more creative that way. I focused more on the things that mattered most to me. Music was one thing. I took a course on songwriting and composing in the ninth grade. In tenth grade, I wanted to write a story in the fantasy genre for a project. I had asked one of my friends if he had an idea what could be the main character’s name. He told me, “Write a story about a guy named Jason.” I started searching for a title just to get me started on ideas. I don’t know why, but the name Night Hunters sort of popped into my head, and I began building around my main character. They live in the village of Alton in Oscana one of three territories of Anaira. The way I found the name for the continent, Anaira is pretty interesting. If you take my first name and spell it backwards, it writes Enaira. I liked the way it sounded, but I decided to write it like Anaira. 

During the years 2012 through 2018, I attended camps for kids with cancer: Camp Oochigeas and Camp Trillium. I told one of my friends about The Night Hunters stories I was planning to write. She asked if I needed help editing them, since she also liked writing in her spare time. She gave a lot of tips about world building. When I saw her next at camp  she asked me, Where does the magic in your story come from? I realized that I didn’t have an explanation or rules for who are allowed magic in the world I created. So, we continued working on ideas while at camp. I decided that Anaira could have more than one region. Oscana, where the Night hunters live; Ebdom, a region with a more rocky landscape; and lastly, Esmary, with niles and red deserts. I decided I wanted to write three series in all. One for each region. 

I am planning to publish my books on Amazon and Kobo. The first two Night Hunters are on Wattpad as a sneak peak.

Editor’s note: This is Ariane’s first post with us at the Spoonie Authors Network. Let’s give her a warm welcome in the comments!

Ariane Delorme at the Romancing the Capital 2019 writers conference

Ariane Delorme is a music lover and singer-songwriter. She also loves writing fantasy. Her first series is called Night Hunters. She’s currently working on two other series. You can follow Ariane’s facebook page and her Wattpad account, to keep up to date with what she’s creating!

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