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Call for Submissions—Nothing Without Us anthology!

A really exciting collaboration is happening! Editors Cait “Pinky” Gordon and Talia “The Brain” Johnson are collaborating with the wonderful Presses Renaissance Press to bring this collection of short fiction together! Give them genres! They want genres!

ID: Brick wall with spray paint. Text reads: Nothing Without Us.

From the Nothing Without Us website:

Do you write words? Specifically, do you write English words that band together to form short fiction? Are you disabled, identify with disability, manage disability, or use some other way to describe how you relate to your disability or condition? If so, this call for submissions might be for you!

Learn more about the specifics of this anthology (to see the types of works they’re seeking and not seeking) by clicking the Submission Guidelines! Submission window is from September 30 to Dec 31, 2018.

There is also a Nothing Without Us Facebook group you can join to read updates and have some fun communication!

Hope you consider submitting!



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