Anthology Kickstarter: We Shall Be Monsters (Or, as I call it: The Frankenthology)

An exciting new Kickstarter! Read my thoughts about the upcoming anthology, We Shall Be Monsters! This collection will be edited by our very own Derek Newman-Stille and published by Renaissance!

Cait Gordon—author and editor

So I’m pretty stoked. Last December I submitted a short story called The Hilltop Gathering to the We Shall Be Monsters anthology call-for-submissions. What really appealed to me about this project was how authors were invited to write stories that explored disability. As a disabled person, this simply delighted me.

For the first time since I plunged into creative writing again in 2014, I submitted a story with a disabled main character. In Life in the ‘Cosm, Noola has a disability and is a prominent character in the book, but this time I wanted the star to be a disabled monster. Frank E., or Frances Elizabeth, is she!

Now, even though many people see me as a space opera person, because that’s mainly the genre in which I write, I love reading classical literature from the romantic area. Yes, I am a Brontë sisters and Jane Austen fangirl. What…

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